Wwriting a worship song in 5 minutes

Honestly, at the moment I had a bit of a loss for words.

Wwriting a worship song in 5 minutes

The process I follow when writing worship songs that are congregationally engaging also disagrees. Download that tried and tested Worship Song Roadmap here.

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Here are my 5 top reasons as to why Lyrics are NOT more important than music: If the music does not move you then the lyrics will not affect you. The truth in your lyrics will not take root and nothing will grow.

Congregational songs with poor melodies do not get sung. If your song is too hard to sing, or the melody is boring, complicated or lacks an enjoyable tune, no one will sing it.

No one will listen to it.

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Your lyrics then have no vehicle and will not be seen or heard by anyone. Lyrics and melody must support each other. The message of the lyrics must not jar with the tune of the melody. Lyrics need to fit the tune. This means that we have to decide which is better, the melody or the lyrics.

One has to change for the other to fit. Melody and Lyrics should give way to each other. What I mean by this is that, when it comes to writing worship songs, we are serving the congregation. Complex lyrical imagery, married to a complex tune will overload the worshipers capacity to engage with the song.

wwriting a worship song in 5 minutes

However, marrying simple lyrics to a complex tune, or complex lyrics to a simple tune, will often result in an imaginative, creative and, perhaps most importantly, engaging song.

So, are Lyrics more important than the Melody? A great worship song always has a great, singable tune and interesting, engaging, truth-filled lyrics.

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Tuesday, February 5, How to write a worship song in 5 minutes or less OK, this is funny right here- Posted by Reepicheep at AM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Church, evangelicalism, Fads, Funny, Missional Church, Worship. Awhile ago I wrote an article titled “How To Write A Really Mediocre Worship Song.”It was a tongue in cheek examination of good song-writing in reverse.

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I received many emails with many different takes on what I’d written. I strongly believe that worship is one of the most important aspects of our Christian life, if not the most important.

As a result, Satan has targeted it directly, profusely, and without ceasing. And because of this, it’s vital to understand what it really means to worship—and why, yes, worship is far more than just singing in church.

Feb 06,  · One of the things we like to try to do on our worship team is to beef songs up harmonically, or else change them harmonically just so they don’t sound so identical to each other.

This can help an anemic song and can help even a classic and dynamic hymn to hit new peaks. Messy Mondays: How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less) Blimey Cow • Duration: • Size: MB.

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