Tobacco speech

Statistical reports on the impact of smoking on Americans show thatdeaths annually among men anddeaths annually among women are tobacco-related. But the facts prove quite the opposite. Regular tobacco smoking, despite its apparent comparative harmlessness to illegal drugs or incurable diseases, kills more people every year than car accidents, illegal drugs, AIDS, murders, and suicides combined.

Tobacco speech

Tobacco speech

People use various kinds of apparatus for tobacco smoking such as hookah, pipes, cigars, cigarettes and cheroots.

The habit of smoking prevails in every part of the world. Smoking is one of the most popular habits. Even women have caught up this habit. Most eminent doctors of the world have expressed their opinions about its bad effects, yet the fashion continues.

People have been using drugs to relieve pain, mitigate suffering and overcome troubles. By breathing the poisons smoke we injure our health.

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The throat and lungs diseases are therefore caused. The smokers suffered from cold and cough, eye-sight and digestion are damaged. Memory becomes dead and smokers get Heart Troubles. The parents should be alert and keep a close watch on their children.

Only by combining all of the resources of International NGOs, governments and individuals all around the globe, can we fight this death machine run by a few who profit greatly from the sales of tobacco products.

Only collectively, can we make this change happen. The time has come to step up and make the first move in advocating making smoking illegal around the world. Thank you for your time!The Philip Morris tobacco company acknowledged in that "There is an overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other serious diseases in smokers there is no safe cigarette cigarette smoking is addictive, as that term is most commonly used .

tobacco speech Research Paper  SPEECH OUTLINE INTRODUCTION Attention Getter: Smoking-related diseases claim over , American lives each year. Connect/Relate with the Audience: Among adults who have ever smoked, 70% started smoking regularly at . Speech on Tobacco Use Fellow Students, We all know that tobacco kills.

In this speech, I want to tell. everyone that tobacco kills non-smokers as well.


Let us be clear about. it. Second-hand smoke also kills. It is well documented through .

Tobacco Smoking: Free Formal Persuasive Speech Sample

Persuasive Speech on Why You Shouldn't Smoke Did you know cigarette smoke contains over 4, chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. Smoking is directly responsible for approximately 90 percent of lung cancer deaths and approximately percent of COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) deaths.

Informative Speech Outline. The Harmful Effects of Smoking (Concept- Topical) Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the two major harmful effects of smoking. Central Idea: The two major effects of smoking are harmful effects on the fetus during pregnancy and can lead to second hand smoking .

smoking speech essaysSpecific Purpose: To persuade my audience not to smoke cigarettes Central Idea: Today I would like to persuade you to realize the dangers and health risks of smoking cigarettes, I would like to give you some options of how not to start smoking and or even stop, and I would like.

The Hidden Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco – Tooth Wisdom