The theme of emptiness in the

Inspire me to speak with piety, holiness, tenderness and mercy. Teach, guide and direct my thoughts and senses from beginning to end. May your grace ever help and correct me, and may I be strengthened now with wisdom from on high, for the sake of your infinite mercy.

The theme of emptiness in the

In its heyday it was a sports and relaxation haven, featuring tennis courts, miniature golf, a dive pool, restaurants, a hotel, a huge wave pool, a spa, and a gym.

It was abandoned in as the economic bubble burst, and has lain untended for 15 years. Now its many tennis courts are visited only by skateboarders and grafitti artists, up-turned cars line its once broad thoroughfares, its The theme of emptiness in the pool is coated with red rust and algae and its golf course is a jungle of overgrown palm trees.

I went to Sports World at night, intending to camp overnight and explore the following day. I arrived at nearby Izunagaoka station around 10pm, then spent over an hour walking.

I had decided not to use taxis, on the off-chance the driver realized I was intending to trespass and notified the police. Also- because the long approach of walking serves to better sever me from normal reality, readying me to plunge into the depths of the ruins more fully alone.

Value in Emptiness - Tao Te Ching

Arriving at the old Sports World it was very dark. I easily slipped through the first barricade and walked along the moon-swept empty car park. At the ticket gates there were barbed wires strung across the front, but I could easily slip underneath them even in the dark.

Approaching the ticket booths.

The theme of emptiness in the

Bus stop chairs being digested by the jungle. Inside the gates looking out. The entrance to the Games Center was veiled in darkness. There were stars visible in the sky, which never happens in Tokyo.

I meandered around the front for a time, trying to decide the best entrance option. I wanted to head for the mini-golf course, thinking it would be a good open place to camp. I walked by graffiti-covered walls, ruined cars, one flipped on its roof, and down a long open road covered over with grass and weeds.

To my left the golf course, completely overgrown. I experimented with my flash-light. I wore it on my head, but this too severely limited my vision to only where I was looking, the brightness dimming out any peripheral sense I might have. Also I worried that a flashlight would only draw attention to me.

I never worry about ghosts or monsters when in a haikyo. I only worry about meeting mad people.

Prayers for Pentecost

Why would anybody be in a place like that at a time like that? There was light enough from the moon to get by. I reached the bottom of the park, the big wave pools, and decided to head up to check out the hotel.

The path was completely overgrown, so I had to push my way through. At times I thought I heard voices, and froze. At other times there was a strange pig-like grunting noise coming from the end of the biggest wave-pool.

At the top I came into another parking lot, and headed into the first hotel room I saw. It had a chain bolt and I put it on immediately, then went through the room, about 30 square meters, immaculate, clean, and checked the glass screen door.

It had been smashed at the lock, to gain entry in the first place I surmised, but was still able to slide closed and lock. I was amazed at how well-preserved the room was. Apart from some shards of glass by the screen door and a few dead cockroaches, it looked exactly as it must have 15 years ago, when it was left behind.

The bathroom was sparkling, the toilet paper in a neat triangle, the toilet with a paper welcome sign on it, the complimentary toothbrushes and shampoos all in place.

In the main room the TV sat with its remote controls neatly aligned beside it. Slowly though, as I spent more time inside with the light on, more time silent, unmoving, and alone, the stillness of the place crept into me.

There was some fear, prompting me to bolt the screen door, draw the curtains, and drag chairs and tables in front of the entrances. But there was mostly sadness, that the place was empty, and also sadness that I was there alone, as if the place wanted more people, more life, more color.

I was just a single tourist though. I went to sleep, and dreamed of my room being broken into by people I knew, and our adventures in the ruins. The next day dawned glorious.Check out The Shining ()-Main Title Theme (Dies Irae) by Rachel Elkind, Arr.

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The theme of emptiness in the

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More than 79, works are currently available online. Value in Emptiness. Posted on February 16, ; by Soon Teo; in non doing, tao te ching, Verse 11, yin yang; Importance of Non-being. How can emptiness be of any value? Emptiness can be the very purpose of an existence. When we value something, our attention is often on what we can see or touch.

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