Reflection of project work

Costa and Bena Kallick Chapter Learning Through Reflection by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick A defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience.

Reflection of project work

This merging ability was designed to help planners work with scenario projects. The boss wants you to assess the Reflection of project work of adding an extra shift to the work schedule.

How much time can be caught up with this approach ie: The thing to do here is to create a Reflection of the project, add an extra shift and verify the finish date. This saves you the time of renaming projects, resetting permissions and copying and pasting changes from one project to another.

There are also some nice options to help you create a backup of the original project in case you need to reference it again in the future.

Reflection of project work

Step 1 — Creating a Reflection project in Primavera P6 From the Projects window, right-click on the original project and select Create Reflection from the menu.

Simply mark the checkbox in the Copy column if you want to preserve any baselines in the Reflected project.

Use Primavera P6 Reflections To Merge Scenario Projects

You should now see a copy of your project in the Projects window. Open the Project and then Open the Activity Layout provided the tutorial downloads section.

This will make sure that Primavera will perform the necessary recalculations when resources are added or removed from an activity. Close the User Preferences window. Add Tom Bell as a new resource assignment to A The project should now finish on Dec 20, whereas before it was scheduled to finish on March 1, You should now see the Differences Report window.

This screen is really nice. It provides you with a report on the differences between the original project and the reflection.

Just leave them out. P6 also gives you some options to archive the original project, either as a baseline or as an.

Setting the Tone for Reflection

And you can also choose how to handle the reflection — keep it, delete it or replace it update it with the new merged project. You may want to print this differences report first, or you might even copy and paste it into a text document before you Merge.

You can do either of these by clicking the Display bar. Wrap Up The Reflection and merging features in Primavera P6 are great features for the planner or scheduler who needs to run project scenarios or hypothetical analysis. Things for you to try: Try making more than 1 reflection of the same project to compare multiple scenarios What else you should know about reflections: If major elements of a project have been deleted from the reflection, you will have to manually delete them from the source project if you do not want to keep the elements in the source project.

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Glossary of Selected Terms

*Requires Macromedia Flash Player. If video does not play, click here to download the free Flash Player. here to download the free Flash Player. Broadway Gives Back.

Broadway Coffeehouse is committed to supporting a different organization every quarter that is working to make the world a better place.

J.M. Huber Corporation announces partnership with Habitat for Humanity International. A reflection of the Huber Principles in action, the partnership is one component of the year old, family-owned company’s commitment to donate 1 percent of its net income annually to nonprofit organizations.

It should be noted that the process of constructing a ray diagram is the same regardless of where the object is located. While the result of the ray diagram (image location, size, orientation, and type) is different, the same two rays are always drawn.

The two rules of reflection are applied in order to determine the location where all reflected rays appear to diverge from (which for real. Project reflection is different from the self reflection. The project reflection is entirely about the project itself while the self reflection is the person’s thinking and opinion about the work.

Project reflection is also equally important as the self reflection.

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