My reflection in swimming

As part of the weekend events we were given a tour of our high school to see what had changed and what remained the same. Yet this was the practice. Boys swam naked in the YMCAs and in school physical education classes from the time pools were first installed in these institutions in the late 19th century until the s. Many men over 50 testify that they swam naked in high school and college.

My reflection in swimming

I have created this blog in order to share my struggles to reverse my vitiligo and improve my overall health. As a child, I always had a small white patch on the right side of my pelvis that I just assumed was a birth mark. My mom even said it was a birth mark because she had forgotten that I was not actually born with it.

Fast forward 30 years to swimming lessons with my 13 month old son. After a couple of weeks swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool, I noticed a small white patch on my left thumb.

I thought maybe it was just sun damage…until it started to spread. I tried not to worry and just ignore it, thinking it would just stop.

My reflection in swimming

In fact, it was always such a part of me that the thought never even entered my mind that I could have had vitiligo as a child and never knew it.

But one day, I did think about it and I asked my mom. Was it from childhood vaccines? Was it from all of the time I spent swimming in our pool?

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I have always been a very sensitive child, both emotionally and physically. I was allergic to milk as a child and would get eczema behind my knees and the inside of my arms if I drank it. I also never had much energy. I was always tired and had great difficulty waking for school in the morning.

Interestingly, I also always had a bit of a hearing impairment in my left ear. I failed every one of my elementary school hearing tests which was always extremely embarassing.

My reflection in swimming

I would have never associated my white patch with my hearing loss, but I have recently discovered they are actually connected. I mostly found a bunch of websites selling creams and topical oils.

Initially I made the grave mistake of considering my vitiligo to be a skin disorder, which I know now it is NOT.

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I used it religiously despite the terrible smell. The skin is just a reflection of what is happening inside the body.

This book was a joke.Aquatics. The Y offers a wide range of swimming options for the whole family, including learn to swim classes starting with infants right through to adults, aquafit, exercise classes, swim team and of course open swim & lap swim times.

My favorite sport unquestionably is swimming, second is taekwondo. I learned swimming when I was 4 or 5 years old but of course who wouldn’t know how to swim in that age of mine if we are living next to the sea until now because of my father works.

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