Lost at sea

Ten years, give or take. I first read Lost at Sea inor thereabouts. I was, what, twenty-eight?

Lost at sea

The infamous Ocean Station "Bravo. The "Shore-Tie" power from the pier was disconnected, all lines were singled-up, and the gangway pulled aboard and lashed down. They could hardly await the order to take-in and stow all lines so they could finally "lay below" out of the bone-chilling breeze blowing across the bay.

Once the "special sea detail" was set, the ship backed cautiously away from the Atlantic Street dock. Driven by her Fairbanks-Morse Diesel-gear driven power plant, the cutter slowly turned her bow, targeting the harbor entrance. Then, when all lines were stowed and the regular sea watch set, she worked her way out to sea.

The two-day trip to Argentia was, in reality, uneventful. The seas were moderate with only light swells. The winds were temperate. There was no indication as to what would transpire in a few days: Upon exiting Argentia, Commander Anthony F. Moreover, the ship was situated where it could help in any emergency that arose -- especially if a plane had to ditch in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.

The weather remained moderate. The only noticeable difference was that the wind had, ever so slightly, started to increase in intensity. The "Mighty Mac" [nickname] maintained full-speed across the steel-gray waters.

All aircraft passing overhead and homed-in on the beacon could rest assured that they were on proper course and location. The conversation was recorded on the "soundscriber" and later played over the PA system for the crew.

Meanwhile, the Bibb sailed for home: Right into the clutches of a vicious two-front storm! The officers and crew of the McCulloch settled in to their shipboard routine. Watches were set, various drills were enacted, movies were selected to be shown each night, and the different departments initiated maintenance schedules.

The ship was also secured for possible storms by the watch standers. All Water-tight doors and hatches, not commonly and continually employed, were dogged, while all department heads made sure that all was secure about the decks.

Lost at sea

Boats were cradled, their clamps seized up tight, leaving only the ready boat swung out for instant use, and life-lines were rigged in case of really foul weather. Bravo, because of its locality, was noted for heavy weather. Last but not least, all topside gear that could in a storm become missile hazards [loose gear] was lashed-down.

The ship was, supposedly, now ready for whatever Mother Nature threw at her. Little did they know what lie ahead. Early on New Years Day, 1 Januarythe seas and swells began to slowly build. The radio-room gang started receiving messages predicting foul weather.

The bridge was informed that a major storm was brewing -- and heading right for the "Mac. Wayne, after perusing the reports, ordered the ready boat swung in, as the seasif as vile as or-worse-then forecasted -- could easily damage or destroy a small boat hanging out over the side when the ship rolled.

Also, all tanks were immediately checked for ballast by the engine room gang to make sure she would ride the ocean on an even keel. Seas began rolling the ship like someone violently rocking a cradle. The skies became darker, leaden, taking on a hue of deep gray. The wind increase dramatically over the night-time hours leading into the 2nd of January.

A low-pressure area, reported to the bridge via the radio room, remained off the east coast of Canada, intensifying steadily. All hell was starting to break loose! The barometer started downward on January 1st, and would keep dropping for the next four days.

And, as the storm center was supposed to move northward and thereupon stay to the west of McCulloch, the vessel was originally hove-to on an easterly heading.

By the morning of the 2nd, the seas were so rough that the order was given by the bridge that no one was to venture out onto the main deck.Aug 29,  · The Lost Sea is America's Largest Underground Lake. All tours are guided tours and last for approximately one hour 4/4().

Nov 07,  · The Lost Sea is open daily except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The Lost Sea is America's Largest Underground Lake. All tours are guided 4/4().

61 reviews of Lost Sea "This is so much better that the Chattanooga Ruby falls. This is a much longer ride, much less or no wait time and it come with and underground boat ride.

Make the drive it's worth it."4/4(61). Jul 13,  · Lost at Sea: The Ocean in the English Imagination, –, one of the Exhibitions at the Folger, opened June 10, and closed on September 4, Lost at Sea was curated by Steve Mentz of St.

John’s University with Carol Brobeck of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Lost Sea is a 3D strategy-action game that takes place inside a procedurally generated archipelago. It's up to the player to form a ragtag crew of survivors and explore the surrounding islands as they hunt for the necessary resources to upgrade their ship and escape the Bermuda Triangle.

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