Look in the mirror

A look at a photocopying blast from the past. On the second last day of 11th grade I was cleaning out the Student Support room for one of my teachers. Student Support is probably the room with the most historic value in the school — some of the documents I encountered date back to

Look in the mirror

Jan Van Eyck's "The Arnolfini Portrait" - a close look

While visiting the London Zoo inDarwin observed an orangutan, named Jenny, throwing a tantrum after being teased with an apple by her keeper.

This started him thinking about the subjective experience of an orangutan. Each chimpanzee was put into a room by itself for two days. Next, a full-length mirror was placed in the room for a total of 80 hours at Look in the mirror decreasing distances.

A multitude of behaviours was recorded upon introducing the mirrors to the chimpanzees. Initially, the chimpanzees made threatening gestures at their own images, ostensibly seeing their own reflections as threatening.

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Eventually, the chimps used their own reflections for self-directed responding behaviours, such as grooming parts of their body previously not observed without a mirror, picking their noses, making faces, and blowing bubbles at their own reflections.

Gallup anaesthetised the chimpanzees and then painted a red alcohol-soluble dye on the eyebrow ridge and on the top half of the opposite ear. When the dye dried, it had virtually no olfactory or tactile cues.

Gallup then returned the chimpanzees to the cage with the mirror removed and allowed them to regain full consciousness. He then recorded the frequency with which the chimpanzees spontaneously touched the marked areas of skin. After 30 minutes, the mirror was re-introduced into the room and the frequency of touching the marked areas again determined.

The frequency of touching increased to 4—10 with the mirror present, compared to only 1 when the mirror had been removed. The chimpanzees sometimes inspected their fingers visually or olfactorily after touching the marks.

Other mark-directed behaviour includes turning and adjusting of the body to better view the mark in the mirror, or tactile examination of the mark with an appendage while viewing the mirror. For this reason, animals in the majority of classical tests are anesthetised.

Some tests use a tactile marker. After recovery, they made no mark-directed behaviours either before or after being provided with a mirror. Most marked animals given a mirror initially respond with social behaviour, such as aggressive displays, and continue to do so during repeated testing. Only a small number of species have touched or directed behaviour toward the mark, thereby passing the classic MSR test.

Look in the mirror

Findings in MSR studies are not always conclusive. Even in chimpanzees, the species most studied and with the most convincing findings, clear-cut evidence of self-recognition is not obtained in all individuals tested.A look at a photocopying blast from the past.

Look in the mirror

On the second last day of 11th grade I was cleaning out the Student Support room for one of my teachers. Oh, do I know what you mean!

While the mirror effect could explain some situations - some of the time - it explains very little of what I’ve observed in my life. I’m very experienced being both in front and behind the camera, and I’ve seen how som.

It's the Mirror. I don't mean to imply that the camera is the only liar, here, because mirrors are just as guilty. For one, they flip your image. Let’s look at some more close-ups. There is no question that the painting reveals the wealth of the Arnolfinis – the fur worn by both, the oranges, the large elaborate chandelier, the oriental rug, and probably the glass in the window.

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