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But I had contacted a favourite guide of mine Mourad and had him line up a driver to take me to Alexandria — but also to see Tanis and Delta sites en route. Surely it was doable! It was the second election day in Egypt — and Ahhhh the traffic on the agricultural roads driving north out of Cairo! After a couple of hours, we pulled into the Temple of Bastet — a rare site.

Laura ranieri copybard writing services

Today was a special day. But today, we were to meet with Barry Kemp-recommended local guide George Yany — who was an expert in the area.

Mourad wanted laura ranieri copybard writing services tag along to see what he could learn from this local expert. It was interesting how most Egyptian cars had upholstery on the dashboard — kind of wall to wall carpeting — in order to absorb and deflect the intense heat.

Early on, as we drove back towards Amarna, I became a little jealous of the lively Arabic dialog between Mourad and George along the way — and did not want to miss a thing. What he did know well was the geography and getting around in the area — and he knew it brilliantly.

Accompanied by a few requisite guards, George took us first way up a windswept path to the splendidly decorated northern tombs. Such a desolate climb with the wind whispering ancient secrets into your ear. Aye 25 The first northern tomb we visited was one for Aye 25 the royal fan bearer — which sparked much controversy.

This was the very Aye who ruled Egypt as pharaoh BC directly after Tutankhamen — and was likely the father of Nefertiti.

It is considered the most splendid of the southern tombs and one of the best in Amarna. It is here alone, you can view the faces of Akhenaten and Nefertiti worshipping their aten, unadulterated and intact.

Mahu chief police officer 9 Next, we proceeded along the sand blown rock face with its sweeping views of the desolate desert kingdom to the tomb of Mahu, the chief police officer.

This one held some of the strangest and most fascinating Amarna art we had scene. A controversial relief of Nefertiti kissing Akhenaten.

Meryrutan dancing with a horse — and one of Mahu judging the honesty of robbers by having them touch burning coals to see if they were innocent of their crimes. These two thrones are curious and may mean two kingdoms — Also, it is rare in Amarna art generally abundant with positive images of life and nature to see any negative scenes of smiting the enemy and so forth — so it is rare to see these images.

laura ranieri copybard writing services

Boundary stela amarna Boundary stela Akhenaten had carefully marked his kingdom with numerous boundary stelae, some of which have been unearthed and restored today. These great rock reliefs generally depict the king and queen celebrating the aten and rise high into the chalky cliffs.

George led us up many steps to a notable one in the north before we visited the Northern palace. North palace, Amarna North Palace Much more remains of the north palace than the south. Quite notable ruins in fact. It proved a fairly lame deterrant as we simply crawled through it, accompanied by guards as always.

Here was the grand entranceway with remnants of tall columns — and a sacred pool long since dried up to the left.

To the right we can upon a series of little chambers likely belonging to the daughters. Merytaten's bathtub, north palace North Palace, Amarna The idea of two palaces too was a subject that caused many to ponder. Was one for Nefertiti? Had their been a rift in the marriage earlier on?

Or was one for residence and one merely ceremonial? Just a few more of the unending questions sparked by inquiry into all things Amarna! Then our accompanying guards had a great idea. They gathered some rocks and proceeded to catapult them at the date tree to shake free some ripe fruit for us.Laura Ranieri's August archaeological journey across Egypt - including Tel el Amarna.

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