Java code to write a login interface

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Java code to write a login interface

In this article I shall guide you through authentication of web services using Java. Imagine a scenario where you have developed a web service and published it on the server.

Now everyone can access this.

java code to write a login interface

But you would want only specific registered people to access it, that is only authorized people can access it. This can be achieved by client providing the "username" and "password", attached in the SOAP request header and sending it to the server.

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The server then parses SOAP document and fetches the "username" and "password" from header. The server then verifies that the "username" and "password" are valid by comparing them against a database or any other preferred method of authorized users.

Modify the Service as Web Service Modify the service created in the previous section to Web service and also check for authentication of the user as show below: The revised interface HelloWorld.

Check if the username is "Manisha" and password is "password", if true, then return a successful authentication message otherwise return the failure authentication message. Adding WS exposed code Publish the web service locally by creating the Endpoint publisher and expose the service on the server.

The publish method takes two parameters: Endpoint URL String Implementer object, in this case the HelloWorld implementation class, which is exposed as a web service at the endpoint identified by the URL mentioned in the parameter above.

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Create a Web Service Client In the client code, put the "username" and "password" in the request header and send it for authentication.

The comments on each step in the code explains the client code. The Client file, HelloWorldClient.

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Compile and Run Compile the service and publisher files and execute them. Create a batch file. HelloWorldPublisher Place the batch files in the directory com. The first line in the batch lists all the java files under subfolders and writes the full path of files to "files. Second line issues the compile command to all the java files listed in the file "files.

Execute the batch file and the output System. Out present in the HelloWorldPublisher class is as follows: Web service published http: As it is language-neutral, client can be built in any programming language.

Conclusion In this article we saw how to provide a basic authentication for a web service Using Java programming language. I enjoy writing technical articles on upcoming technical trends.

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