How to write a street address correctly synonyms

Addresses in other countries should be presented in a style consistent with the postal requirements of that country. The correct way to present U. Use the standard U. Postal Service abbreviations below for addresses, whether used in text or block address form.

How to write a street address correctly synonyms

Subscribe to Grammar Underground How to Write Addresses One of the most common things I have to change in the articles I edit is the way addresses are written. The museum is at Maple Ln. And, of course, getting it right is much more important than making it pretty.

The most important thing, of course, is consistency. Many newspaper styles say to use numerals for everything in an address -- even numbers less than The museum is at 3rd St.

But most of them are pretty intuitive. If you want to mirror newspaper style, avoid those two-letter postal abbreviations. On the other hand, if you like the handy two-letter versions better, you can make that call for your own website or blog.

So, for example, in the Los Angeles Times, cities mentioned are always considered to be within California unless expressly stated otherwise. So if you want an easy-to-remember and easy-to-read style, just either spell out every street name or spell out all but Ave.

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You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Thank you, June 11, at 6: Traditionally, most publishing would have written that "10th and 11th avenues," with a lowercase A.

We can talk about 10th Avenue by giving it a nickname, "10th" as in, "I parked on 10th, near the Starbucks. I think the more common interpretation is that the word "avenue" is shared.Synonyms for aim in Free Thesaurus.

Antonyms for aim. synonyms for aim: try for, want, seek, work for, plan for, strive, aspire to, wish for, have designs on, set your sights on, mean, attempt, propose, intend. What are synonyms for aim? Write the recipient’s name on the first line.

Write the street address or post office box number on the second line. Write the city, state, and ZIP code on the third. To put this into use, let’s use an example of two characters communicating with addresses and dates in their writing.

Jill is from Mars.

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Belle is from a small town called Venus. May 11,  · How to Address a Letter to England.

how to write a street address correctly synonyms

Whether you have a family member, business partner, or an ex-friend living in England, from time to time you may need to communicate with that person via letter. If you find that this is the case, but.

When Sending to P.O. Box. When you know for sure you are sending something to a P.O.

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box, and you include the street address as extra information or as a shipping address if the P.O. box does not accept packages, it is important to put the P.O. box number first.

how to write a street address correctly synonyms

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