Essay about english class

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Essay about english class

The objective of the course was to make us better writers, and I certainly have improved. I learned what makes a paper good or bad, what makes it easier to write a good paper, and how the manner that the class is held makes a difference. We all did so many papers and every paper was about different ideas which were very interesting.

However, I feel I should have taken my high school English class more seriously.

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The teacher graded rather leniently, which attributed to my lack of effort. The amount of work required to get an "A" paper in my high school was about equivalent to the work required to get a "C" paper here at SJU.

It was a very difficult adjustment for me.

Essay about english class

I went through high school writing about what I now know to be not-so-good papers, but received good grades for them. Then, I thought they were good because of the grades I got. Now, I find myself working over twice as hard for half the grade. This isn't a completely bad thing, though.

It teaches me that my writing really wasn't very good.

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What I used to think deserved an "A" I now realize only does deserve a "C. Also, my goal isn't to write a paper that will get a good grade. Now, my goal is to write better papers to become a better writer.

That is what I feel a very important thing that I learned this semester. I don't think, "O. Writing for a grade often causes the writer to do just enough to get by.

I also learned that it is much easier to produce a good piece of writing if I show my interest in it. By choosing our own topics, rather than have the teacher give us topics to write on, we often are much more interested in the subject. If we are interested in what we are writing about, we tend to have a better idea, and we can explain our ideas better.

All of this helps us produce better papers. Also, if the writer is interested in the subject, this interest often translates into the writer making a more interesting paper, whichEnglish Class Essay Examples.

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Free english class papers, essays, and research papers. the english class experience essaysThe English Class's Experience My mother and I came the United States in to reunite with my father after twelve years apart.

I was only an eighth grader with no knowledge of any English when I left Vietnam for America. It took me a full year struggling. The drawing and dining rooms are tastefully decorated.

The floor is covered with a thick woolen carpet, there are two big and beautiful paintings on the wall. There are some pieces that every essay needs in order for it to be considered successful writing in the academic world; however, you want to avoid being formulaic when you are writing for an English class.

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