Capps essays

Donald Eric Capps was born in Omaha, Nebraska. His dissertation explored a psycho-historical analysis of the personality of the English theologian John Henry Cardinal Newmanand particularly his vocational struggles.

Capps essays

The following entry presents an overview of Havel's career through For further information on his life and works, see CLC, Volumes 25, 58, and His relentless political activism and avant-garde plays established him as a leading voice of protest against the repressive communist government of Czechoslovakia during the s, s, and s.

A frequent political prisoner whose writings were banned in his native country, Havel resisted totalitarianism in influential essays, speeches, and popular underground plays. Associated with the Theatre of the Absurd, his satiric dramas caricature the dehumanizing conditions of political tyranny and technocratic society.

Havel was elected president of Czechoslovakia in after sweeping democratic reforms dissolved the nation's communist regime. A charismatic folk hero and public intellectual, Havel is recognized worldwide as a leading humanitarian and political visionary. The son of a wealthy industrialist and property owner, he was denied access to a higher education in keeping with the communists's program to disenfranchise members of the bourgeoisie.

Havel worked as an apprentice in a chemical laboratory while in school and, beginning inas a laboratory technician. Over the next several years he attended evening classes to earn a secondary degree in Havel studied economics at the Czech University of Technology from toduring which time he published his first essays on literary topics.

InHavel collaborated with Ivan Vyskocil, Capps essays director of Theatre on the Balustrade, to produce his first play, Autostop ; Hitchhike. He also published Protokoly ; Protocolsa collection of his early drama, essays, and poetry.

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While working and writing for the theater, Havel Capps essays drama at the Academy of Art in Prague from to He married Olga Splichalova in During the "Prague Spring" ofHavel was a leading activist for artistic freedom and democratic reforms. With the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in AugustHavel's works were banned and he was subjected to repeated arrests, periods of imprisonment, and more than a decade of virtual house arrest.

During the s he remained an outspoken advocate for human and civil rights. He was a contributor to Charter 77, a human rights manifesto made public infor which he was incarcerated for four months.

For continued acts of political protest, Havel was sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment in After two years of intensified protest and labor strikes, in Czechoslovakia renounced its communist government for new democratic elections.

Havel was unanimously appointed interim president by the Czechoslovakia Parliament in December and officially elected president in Havel resigned the presidency in to protest the imminent division of Czechoslovakia into Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

He was elected president of the new Czech Republic the same year. His political views and experiences are recorded in Open Letterswhich contains essays dating from to JanuarySummer Meditationsand The Art of the Impossible Major Works Havel's dramatic works are dominated by themes of alienation, malcommunication, betrayal, and the search for identity and truth.

According to Havel in Disturbing the Peace, his plays are intended to portray "modern humanity in a 'state of crisis. However, an attempt to eliminate the Office of Liquidation raises an intractable dilemma, since only the Office of Liquidation can dissolve itself and once terminated would no longer exist to complete the process.

Alluding to the structure of a chess game, Pludek's paradoxical checkmate signifies his compromised self-identity as a pawn of the nonsensical system. The Memorandum further examines the alienating effect of bureaucratic discourse.

The plot involves Josef Gross, an office manager who attempts to decode an official document written in "Ptydepe," a new scientific language designed to banish ambiguity and emotion from human communication. Gross's efforts to decipher the incomprehensible memorandum are harried by irrational bureaucratic policies and a manipulative underling who has him demoted.

Gross eventually convinces Maria, a secretary, to translate the memo which, ironically, is revealed to be itself a directive for the elimination of "Ptydepe" as an ineffective language.

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The Increased Difficulty of Concentration involves Dr. Eduard Huml, a social scientist who attempts to balance conflicting obligations to his wife and mistresses. While participating in a farcical computer experiment and composing a lecture on the complexity of modern life, Huml's personal life is increasingly complicated by multiple sexual infidelities that reveal his flawed personality.

Each of the three plays is connected by the semiautobiographic protagonist Ferdinand Vanek, a dissident writer who witnesses the degrading forces of corruption, false ideology, and socioeconomic coercion.

In Audience Vanek works in a brewery where the drunken head malter pressures him to write weekly reports on himself for the secret police in exchange for lighter work.

Capps essays

Vanek refuses to assist the government that he openly opposes by betraying himself, demonstrating the inviolable principles of the artist in contrast to the malter's demoralization.Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS) – Essay Sample The September 11/ attack on USA provoked the enhanced use computer assisted passenger prescreening system (CAPPS).

This idea came about in the year by the federal Aviation Administration whereby this organization implemented the use of CAPPS with the aim of .

Capps essays

Benjamin Capps () was an award-winning author of western literature, born in Dundee, Texas. His works included western fiction, historical non-fiction, short stories, essays, and book reviews.


Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS) – Essay Sample The September 11/ attack on USA provoked the enhanced use computer assisted passenger prescreening system (CAPPS). Capps both received top essay awards during the recent meet - ing of the Texas State Histori-cal Association (TSHA) in Corpus Christi.

At a session of the Walter Webb Society on 7 March, the collegiate auxiliary of the TSHA, Morgan Capps won 2nd place and $ for her es-say on Ma and Pa Ferguson, during the early twentieth cen-tury.

May 26,  · [In the following essay, Capps examines Havel's artistic and philosophical development in the context of Czechoslovakian intellectual tradition and contemporary politics.]. Donald Eric Capps was an American theologian and William Harte Felmeth Professor of Pastoral Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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