Cancer essay biology

Cancer is one of the most important non-infectious or non-communicable diseases. Out of them two lakhs of people die. It is mainly due to late detection.

Cancer essay biology

Radiation therapy is one of the major ambulatory treatment modalities for cancer. Its effectiveness as a treatment for cancer was first reported in the late Cancer essay biology.

Radiation therapy can Cancer essay biology be delivered with maximum therapeutic benefits, minimizing toxicity and sparing healthy tissues.

Radiation therapy uses high-energy ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells. It is considered a local therapy because the cancer cells are destroyed only in the anatomical area being treated.

The radiation causes a breakage of one or both stands of the DNA molecule inside the cells, therefor preventing their ability to grow and divide.

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While cells in all phases of the cell cycle can be damaged by radiation, the lethal effect of radiation may not be apparent until after one or more cell divisions have occurred.

Although normal cells can also be affected by ionizing radiation, they are usually better able to repair their DNA damage. Radiation treatments can be administered externally or internally, depending on the type and extent of the tumor, however only external radiation can be administered in an out-patient basis.

Cancer essay biology

Some patients have both forms, one after the other. X-rays, radioactive elements, and radioactive isotopes are most often used in these forms of treatment. External radiation treatments are administered by machines that deliver high-energy radiation.

These machines vary according to the amount and type of energy produced. The kind of machine will differ depending on the type and extent of the tumor. Technological advances have permitted the development of machines with increased energy, allowing for precise treatments of deep seated tumors with less damage to superficial tissues.

Treatment of cancer with radiation can be costly. It requires very complex equipment and the service of many health care professionals. The exact cost of the radiation therapy will depend of the type and number of treatments given.

Most health insurance policies cover charges for radiation therapy, and in some states the Medicaid program may help pay for the treatments. The side effects of radiation treatment vary from patient to patient.

Some may have no side effect or only a few mild ones through the course of treatment. Some may have more serious side effects. The side effects one has depends mostly on the treatment dose and the part of the body that is treated. There are two main types of side effects: Acute occurs close to the time of the treatment and usually are gone completely within a few weeks of finishing therapy.

Chronic side effects may take months or years to develop and are usually permanent. The most common side effects are fatigue, skin changes, and loss of appetite. The can result from radiation to any treatment site.

Other side effects are related to treatment of specific areas, such as hair loss as a result of radiation treatment to the head. The majority of side effects will go away in time. Biological therapy sometimes called immunotherapy, biotherapy, or biological response modified therapy is a promising new addition to the family of cancer treatments.

The body has a natural ability to protect itself against diseases, including cancer. Researchers have found that the immune system may recognize the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells in the body and eliminate those that become cancerous.

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Cancer may develop when the immune system breaks down or is overwhelmed. Immune system cells and proteins called antibodies, which are part of the immune system, work against cancer and other diseases by creating an immune response against foreign invaders.Essay about The Biology of Breast Cancer Words | 5 Pages Today in the United States, Breast Cancer occurs in about one in eight women which is currently the most common cancer among women.

´╗┐Biology Review and Study Guide Cell Division and Cancer Cells divide for two main reasons: first, the larger a cell becomes, the more demands the cell has on its DNA. Second, a large cell has more trouble moving enough food in and enough waste out.

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Cancer is related to mutants in the cells that cause on controlled growing of these cells - Signs And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer Biology Essay introduction. Cancer of cells consequences in the formation of multitudes of cells called tumours, this is due to the increased and uncontrolled division of the cell.

The different forms of carcinoma of stomach include (1) Adenocarcinoma, which develops in the innermost cell lining of the stomach or the mucosa. It constitutes about 90%% of gastric cancer. (2) Lymphoma, which are the cancer of the immune system and mainly seen on . Cancer Epidemiology Cancer is not a single disease; it is a myriad or collection of diseases with many different manifestations as there are many different types of tissues and cell types Cancer is a disease of abnormal gene expression.

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