Ann beatties janus symbolism

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Ann beatties janus symbolism

She believes that her ceramic bowl is the reason behind her success. The bowl seems to draw attention from buyers, usually leaving them speechless.

Throughout the story, Andrea realizes how the first time she saw the bowl was with the lover she was having an affair with. Her lover asked her to choose between him and her husband. The central idea of this story is that a person cannot live their current life happily while holding on to the past.

She is dishonest to her clients because she refuses to tell them where she got the bowl from. Her deceptive techniques to sell houses shows her intelligence. In addition to her successful career, she has a husband and financial security.

Her unhappiness emphasizes her unusual attachment with the bowl. Knowing a great deal about her, she still remains static throughout the story and continues to be highly attached to her bowl.

Her husband and lover, on the other hand, are flat characters.


The antagonist of the story would be her lover since he is the one who bought her the bowl. Also, he put Andrea in sadness by forcing her to decide between him and her husband.

Her lover is the reason she is living her life obsessed over a piece of pottery. The conflicts in the story are caused by the personalities of the characters.

Ann beatties janus symbolism

Andrea and her husband have different attitudes towards the bowl which causes an external conflict between the two. Their contrasting personalities causes Andrea to have a deeper relationship with the bowl then with her own husband.

The internal conflict in the story consists of Andrea and her inability to let go. She is certain that the bowl will never be broken or damaged, and this certainty blinds her from the reality that the bowl holds.

Her stubbornness adds to the internal conflict and intensifies the connection she has between her and the bowl. The emptiness of the bowl represents the desolation in her current life. This is the perfect title because Andrea is trying to reconcile two worlds, her past and present.

This would never have made her overly attached to the bowl. The way Beattie portrays the relationship between Andrea and the bowl gives the audience a good grasp on the central idea.Ann beattie janus essay.

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Ann Beattie, (born September 8, , Washington, D.C., U.S.), American writer of short stories and novels whose characters, having come of age in the s, often have difficulties adjusting to the cultural values of later generations..

Beattie graduated from the American University in Washington, D.C., in and received a master of arts degree from the University of Connecticut in A Symbol of Love essays In “Janus” Ann Beattie uses a bowl as a symbol of love.

In the beginning of the story, Andrea views the bowl as perfect.

Ann beatties janus symbolism

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“Janus,” “A Wall of Fire Rising” Introduction to Literature N. Vogler Fall Ann Beattie •Born in Washington, D.C. in •Published many stories in popular magazines in s and s •Currently a professor of creative writing at University of Virginia.

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