An introduction to the youth and the elderly of the world today

I was given some insight into this question the other day when I overheard part of a conversation between two young men. The one said that he thought older people were a burden. The other one replied by saying that even though he respected elderly people they get in the way sometimes.

An introduction to the youth and the elderly of the world today

The Real Crisis in Mental Health Today Introduction How concerned should we be about reports that mental illness has become an epidemic striking one out of every four people in the world today?

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According to the source of these alarming reports—the psychiatric industry—mental illness threatens to engulf us all and can only be checked by immediate and massive increases in funding.

They warn of the disastrous effects of withheld appropriations. What the psychiatrists never warn of is that the very diagnostic system used to derive the alarming statistic—their own Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV DSM-IV and its equivalent, the mental disorders section of the International Classification of Diseases ICD —are under attack for their lack of scientific authority and veracity and their almost singular emphasis on psychotropic drug treatment.

The results of the widespread reliance by psychiatrists on the DSM, with its ever-expanding list of illnesses for each of which a psychiatric drug can be legally prescribed, include these staggering statistics: Twenty million schoolchildren worldwide have now been diagnosed with mental disorders and prescribed cocaine-like stimulants and powerful antidepressants as treatment.

Psychiatric drug use and abuse is surging worldwide: One in seven prescriptions in France includes a psychotropic drug and more than 50 percent of the unemployed—1.

Official Report : The Real Crisis in Mental Health Today

Meanwhile, driven by DSM-derived mental illness statistics, the international mental health budget has skyrocketed in the last ten years. In spite of record spending, countries now face escalating levels of child abuse, suicide, drug abuse, violence and crime—very real problems for which the psychiatric industry can identify neither causes nor solutions.

An introduction to the youth and the elderly of the world today

It is safe to conclude, therefore, that a reduction in the funding of psychiatric programs will not cause a worsening of mental health. Less funding for harmful psychiatric practices will, in fact, improve the state of mental health.

An introduction to the youth and the elderly of the world today

The evidence presented herein has been drawn from physicians, attorneys, judges, psychiatrists, parents and others active in the mental health or related fields.

The consensus of these experts is that DSM-based, psychiatric initiatives such as the broadening of involuntary commitment laws and the expansion of so-called community mental health plans are detrimental to society in human and economic terms. The same applies to programs such as the screening for mental disorders of young children in schools.

The claim that only increased funding will cure the problems of psychiatry has lost its ring of truth. Fields of expertise that are built on scientific claims are routinely called upon to deliver empirical proof to support their theories.

When the Centers for Disease Control receives funds to combat a dangerous disease, the funding results in the discovery of a biological cause and development of a cure. Biological tests exist to determine the presence or absence of most bodily diseases.

While people can have serious mental difficulties, psychiatry has no objective, physical test to confirm the presence of any mental illness. Diagnosis is purely subjective.

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The many critical challenges facing societies today reflect the vital need to strengthen individuals through workable, viable and humanitarian alternatives to harmful psychiatric options. We invite you to review for yourself the alternatives we have included.The Alps march across this image of Autumnal (early October) southern Europe.

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1. We, the synod fathers, gathered in synod around Pope Francis, wish to thank him for calling us to reflect with him, under his guidance, on the vocation and mission of the family today.

Official Report : The Real Crisis in Mental Health Today